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Back in 2012, the year of the impending apocolypse, Brian Dean and I, were playing an appropriately themed computer game called 'DayZ.' In the game, the player runs around an expansive landscape, trying to survive from thirst and starvation in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Brian was wanting to do a new short film with zombies for awhile now, and I suggested that we make one based off DayZ. We would already have a waiting audience for the movie, and there were yet to be anything done like it that was any good. If we screwed it up, we could just add it to the pile of badly made movies based on video games.

It's 2014 and all of the work is finally finished, and ready to view. If you ever played DayZ you'll be entertained. If you ever had a desire to see me close to death (many people have) you may enjoy this as well, even if you have no interest in video games. Head over to Brian's site for more info on the short.

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