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After making award winning chili for the past two years, I have lost the title to long standing chili-underdog, Brian 'The Chili Man' Dean. Brian has made many batches of chli, in an attempt to win over the taste buds of chili aficiandos. But, alas, my chili recipe would always come out ahead. I rested upon laurels, convinced that I could never be beaten. This would prove to be a mistake. Brian was honing his skills, obtaining rare and exotic chilis, and procured a mystical wooden spoon imbued with the soul of a demonic creature who had once made very good batches of chili in hell, before the earth was formed.

To my dismay, the two batches were both equally formidable. To make the sitation even more dire, the judges could not determine a winner. A tie is not allowed in the chili cook off. Something had to be done. An expert would have to be brought into the fold. Luckily, we knew just the man.

Glen Young is a co-worker and also a culinary sophisticate. In other lives, confirmed by psychics, Glen was a famous chef in Paris, a spice trader on the silk road, and secret agent for the British Goverment. It makes sense, then, that he would have such refined tastes.

We asked him to have the final say on the two batches. The results were as follows:


Heat: 4.5

Flavor: 4.5

Consistency: 4.8

Total: 13.8

Notes: Nice blend of sweet & hot flavors, chunks of onions and peppers were cooked perfectly


Heat: 4.4

Flavor: 4.3

Consistency: 4.0

Total: 12.7

Notes: Brisket was a bit dry which was reflected in the consistency score, nice mesquite smokey, tangy flavor

I was stunned. With much regret, I handed over the coveted trophy. I have much work to do if I am to reclaim my title. Keep reading Amazing News for continued coverage on the next Chili Cookoff.


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